Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hubert Webb case

The SC reversed the ruling of the CA affirming the trial courts decision finding Hubert Webb et al guilty of rape with homicide committed against the wife and children of Lauro Vizconde in 1991. As a result, Webb and company were released from prison (within just 2 hours from the SC announcement). The processing normally takes days or weeks. This what happens when you’re from a well-known family.

Why were they acquitted?

Because of the inconsistencies in the testimony of the Witnesses.

Who then is the culprit?

Acquittal does not mean innocence. The law requires that an accused must be proven to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Thus, while the accused may be guilty, but if the prosecution failed to show through its pieces of evidence that the guilt of the accused is beyond reasonable doubt, then the accused may go scot free.

In this case, there are inconsistencies on the testimonies of the witnesses especially that of primary witness Jessica Alfaro. These all placed a reasonable doubt on the supposed guilt of the accused.

Webb et al may or may not be the perpetrators, or only some of them, or it may be other person/s.

What's next?

The DOJ may reopen the case and conduct new investigation. PAO Chief Acosta plans to file a motion for reconsideration with the SC after Mr. Vizconde sought the Office's help, the latter now being considered underprivileged for having no source of income.

Acosta is of the view that such motion is possible for as long as the the SC has not ruled against the filing thereof.

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