Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to Repair Electric Fans

If your electric fan (stand fan) suddenly stops working, do not discard it yet. You might just be able to fix it and save money by not buying a new one. First, try to feel or sense whether the motor is still running while it is switched on. If not, it is most likely that the motor needs a rewinding. This costs around P 250-P 280 in an ordinary repair shop. Some shops charge P380 to P 480, so ask around if you have a number of them in your area or community.

Electric fans suddenly halting is usually caused by overheating. They need at least two hours of rest a day for them not to overheat.

However, if you sensed that the motor is still functioning even if the blades are not spinning, it may just need an oiling. The motor oil might just have dried up. You can use Singer oil which is available in any supermarket. Detach the cover screen and the blades and drop some oil at the base of the iron bar sticking out (this is where the blades are attached).

For broken blades or other parts,there are shops who sell replacement parts. Ordinary blades cost around P180 apiece.

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  1. Good morning Karl! I have a stand fan with speed switch problem. The 1st speed wouldn't make the fan to spin, only 2nd and 3rd speed does. Can I repair this my self? Thank you!


  2. your fan most probably need lubricating....
    It always happen on the back end axle. After spraying WD40 at it, always work for me.

  3. So, is WD40 alright to substitute for Singer oil?

  4. do i really need to rewind my motor? it suddenly stops.. before the motor is running but the blades are not.. but now the motor already stops running..

  5. i already change my motor a new one then i connect all the wiring and it runs but it wiggles and start to heat the motor so hot what wrong with this? the other one is how to replace the old and damage bushing?

  6. dad is asking how do you reconnect a new capacitor back ?

    1. If you see black and red colors connect the red to the red wire. and the black in the black wire i am Randale just a ten year old boy...

  7. How do i fix my own five inch fan the fan doesn't work... it is gave by my aunt.

  8. Hai ... my stand fan suddenly running slow and then stop, I smell something burning then I check capacitors was burn, why and how to prevent it happens again , thanks Karl.

  9. i have a problem with the speed of my fan, how can i increase its speed...?


  10. reposting... which shops are selling replacement blades?