Thursday, August 19, 2010

Benefits of Malunggay (Moringa) Soap

I have this some sort of infection in my face. I am not sure whether it is fungal, viral or bacterial but it is something similar with dandruff, and the only difference is it is not on my hair. They are sometimes scaly that I tend to scratch it every time. I tried to treat it with Dr. Wong’s medicated soap, alcohol, shampoo but all proved hopeless.

I did not bother going to a doctor as I want to find the cure myself.

I happened to see a booth selling natural products somewhere in a booth inside COA Compound in Batasan, Quezon City, which mainly sells different products derived from malunggay. I bought one of their malunggay soap because the salesman claimed that it is an anti-bacterial soap.

Upon getting home, I immediately tried it on my face. Amazingly, after just one wash, the scaly infection was gone. But sad to say, their company seems to have ceased operating. The booth closed and their website cannot be accessed. So now, I am looking for other manufacturers.


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